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Human Growth Hormone in Anti-Aging Treatment
Kotaro Yoshimura

What is growth hormone?
Human growth hormone (hGH) is a long catenoid amino acid molecule produced in the anterior lobe of the pituitary located in the central cerebral part of the brain. Human growth hormone acts on various tissues, and a healthy metabolism is promoted. Most of the effect is due to the work of a hormone called IGF-1, most of which is secreted from the liver, and is the basic hormone important in maintaining maximum cellular function. IGF-1 can be administered instead of human growth hormone.

What effect does increasing in-blood level of a growth hormone have?
The level of human growth hormone and IGF-1 usually drops suddenly after adolescence, and decline of GH induces various somatic alterations with aging. When we raise the amount of hGH/IGH-1 we can see a level of physiological function of a younger person and progress in delaying aging in many organs.

It is understood that the following effects are provided by raising the level of hGH/IGF-1.
1) Increased thickness and flexibility of skin
2) Shortened recovery time after traumatic injury and surgery (vulnerary improvement) and decreased rate of infection (immune function improvement)
3) Reduction of wrinkles caused by ultraviolet rays
4) Reduced body fat
5) Increased muscle mass
6) Increased bone density
7) Improved cholesterol-related data
8) Decreased LDL (bad) cholesterol
9) Increased HDL (good) cholesterol
10) Increased exercise capacity
11) Shortened recovery time after exercise (cardiac function improvement)
12) Improved renal blood flow
13) Improved mood, general health promotion
14) Increased general energy level

These are not results that appear immediately; generally, several weeks after beginning treatment the first changes can bee seen and felt. Reduced body fat, increased muscle mass and bone density, and other physical changes, usually require several months.

How can we raise the level of hGH/ IGF-1?
There are many companies abroad selling tablets, sprays, and creams by saying the product includes human growth hormone, but at this point only injection can be said to be effective. Many pharmaceutical companies use genetic recombination techniques in order to exclusively produce human growth hormone. Human IGF-1 is also produced by a similar technique. Human growth hormone succagogue or precursor is also made, but not enough is known about its effects or safety yet.