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Wall Street Journal reported an article regarding one of our projects. (2008/08/19)

The Times (London) reported an article regarding our clinical trial with adipose stem cell for breast enhancement. (2007/2/11)
Regarding published articles can be downloarded following sites.

Nature Science Update and BBC News reported our clinical trial of stem cell use for breast augmentation. (2004/2/9)

Asahi Shimbun reported our clinical trials (2004/1/21)

A new article concerning lipoinjection was uploaded. (2004/1/17)

New case photos were uploaded. New case photos will be added monthly. (2004/1/1)

Clinical use of injectable fillers made from lipoaspirates was approved by the IRB of University of Tokyo School of Medicine. (2003/12/15)

Lipoinjection with stem cells derived from lipoaspirates for breast augmentation was approved by the IRB of University of Tokyo School of Medicine. (2003/12/15)

HIstologic photos of various kinds of hyperpigmented skin lesions were uploaded (Physician-oriented). Additional photos will be uploaded periodically. (2003/10/5)

We are now performing some research projects on stem cell engineering for cosmetic purposes. Hopefully, we will upload our technology in the near future. (2002/9/9)

Some parts of this website are still written in Japanese, and translation process is now ongoing. Sorry for the inconvenience. (2002/9/9)

This web site was initially made by the web master in 1995. Since then, it has been announcing new technology of cosmetic medicine in Japan, especially tretinoin therapy for pigmented lesions. Unlike other countries, tretinoin therapy has been widely used in this country due to its specific effects and successful results on pigmented skin lesions. This time, English version was also produced in order to present the current state of cosmetic medicine in Japan to patients and physicians all over the world. We welcome your comments and questions on this website. (2002/9/9)