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Hormonal Therapy in Cosmetic Medicine

Kotaro Yoshimura

What is a hormone?
A hormone plays a lot of roles in order to keep somatic constant in order to keep various organs, a cellular function an optimal state.
Hormones flow through the blood, spread out to the organs, and finally arrive in the cells where they perform their roles.
A receptor for peptide hormones (insulin, glucagon, growth hormone) is present on cellular membranes, while that for oil-soluble hormones (steroid hormones, thyroid hormone, sex hormones) is located in the cytoplasm or nucleus. Signals are transmitted to the inside of the nucleus, and promote or inhibit genetic transcription of many proteins.

What is hormonal therapy?
It is a treatment to administer a hormone locally or systemically.
New treatments such as gene therapies will appear in future, but hormone treatment can be performed easily at present, and is of great therapeutic value.
Numerous new hormone-related pharmaceuticals such as synthesized hormone derivatives or synthesized hormone inhibitors are expected to be available in future.

Is it also promising in field of cosmetic medicine?
Hormonal therapy in field of cosmetic medicine is still developing, but hormone treatment will be selected for many cosmetic purposes in the future.
Hormone treatment has potential as a treatment in the following fields:
1) obesity (want to get thinner)
2) short stature (want to get taller)
3) baldness (want to increase hair)
4) physical beauty (bodybuilders)
5) rejuvenation (skin, vitality, immune function, brain function)
6) gender identity disorders (a woman wants to be a man, etc.)
7) acne
8) chloasma (melasma)
9) sexual function (impotence)
10) exercise capacity amelioration (cardiac function improvement)
11) memory power, decision-making ability

A new generation treatment superior to hormonal treatments will appear in our lifetime.
Gene treatment became possible in various forms, and intracellular signal transduction has been gradually clarified.
Medical progress looks amazing.